International Plantscape Awards 2022


Entries are now being accepted through until Dec 8 2021.
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 The International Plantscape Awards recognizes outstanding achievements in interior plantscape design, installation, creativity, renovation, and innovation. These awards celebrate the strides of interior plantscapers to connect people with plants in remarkable ways. Entries are judged on their own merit rather than against each other. Award winners earn a designation of gold or platinum based on points scored from information and photos provided. Certain submissions may be awarded the coveted Diamond and Emerald judges’ awards for the best overall entries.
The awards program is open to all individuals or firms actively involved in interior plantscaping. Award submissions are judged by a panel of distinguished plantscapers who serve in the Interior Plantscape Community. Award recipients find that the honor becomes a selling point with current and future customers and therefore is a business asset as well as accolade. Applying for and receiving an award not only helps your business look good, but it gives us all a reason to celebrate together the things we do with excellence. Get awarded for doing the amazing job that you do!

 All entries must have been completed during the past two years (Jan 1 2019 to Dec 8 2021) Categories are: Design, Installation, Major renovation, Atrium/Garden, Conservatory, Hotel Pool & Resort, Living wall, Moss wall, Green Roof or Rooftop gardens, Exterior Building Façade, Special Event & Holiday, Silk; Replica & Preserved, Horticultural service and Technician recognition. Winners will receive a plaque and recognition in I-Plants Magazines special awards edition in January 2022!
The contest provides a platform for interior landscaping professionals to share their work on a global stage. The International Plantscape Awards will be accepting applications through December 8, 2021.  

Entries are $299.99 USD each with a maximum of 10 entries per private or public organization.

In the spirit of giving, I-Plants Magazine is committing to contribute 10% of each award entry fee to the National Horticulture Foundation to create and ensure sustainability for the interiorscape industry.
National Horticulture Foundation
For the first time ever the International Plantscape Awards will be presented at TPIE in Tampa, Florida, USA on Jan 20th 2022 at an in person event.  We look forward to bringing together the interiorscape industry for an amazing event for a great cause!
Projects are judged by a select group of experts in the interior landscaping field. 
All entries are blind judged and scored on their own merit.  

 Entries will be accepted for the following categories:



Major Renovation

Special Event & Holiday

Silk, Replica and Preserved

Horticultural Service

Technician Recognition

Atrium/Garden plantings, Interior


Living Wall

New Categories for 2022

Moss Wall

Green roof or Rooftop gardens (containerized) 

Hotel Pool & Resort

Exterior building façade

Free-standing containers, interior or exterior


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